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Hand Scarfing

Sometimes manual is the only solution. GEGA safety hand-scarfing torches enable the user to scarf different products safely and user friendly, in order to remove surface defects like cracks, inclusions and cavities.

It is not always possible to automate the day-to-day business in steel works completely. People are still necessary to finish the material manually. The GEGA safety hand-scarfing torch was developed in close collaboration with steel works, in order to ensure the optimal quality and safety of the user.

The GEGA safety hand-scarfing torch can be used comfortably for long periods. It weighs only 4,900 grams (10.8 lbs) and matches the ergonomic requirements of the user. A short scarfing nozzle with a flat gasket, as well as innovative valves enhance the oxygen flow. Based on the injector principle gas and oxygen are mixed in the nozzle. This reduces the risk of a flashback and further protects the user.

The hand-scarfing torch is suitable for scarfing widths of up to 120 mm, meaning it can scarf the surfaces of raw ingots, blooms, slabs, billets and mouldings completely or partially. It is possible to remove surface defects in non-alloy or low-alloy steels.

Your advantages:

  • Greatest flexibility
  • Highest safety standards for the user
  • Highest quality standards
  • Long product life
  • Sophisticated ergonomics


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Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner

Head of Sales AMT Germany (GEGA, AMAKON) Require information