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2-Sided Scarfing Machine and Strip (Band) Scarfing Machine

GEGA torch cutting machines convince with high scarfing quality as well as a solid and reliable design. Scarfing machines are intended to remove surface defects like cracks, inclusions and cavities, caused by the casting process, from surfaces of slabs, billets or blooms.

2-Sided Scarfing Machine:

This semi-automatic machine can scarf two perpendicular sides (for example from a slab) at the same time by continuous scarfing, which makes it suitable for higher outputs while requiring less maintenance. The machine is equipped with scarfing heads specially designed by GEGA, which achieve the high surface quality required by rolling mills. The ability to control each scarfing head separately, as well as independent upper and side scarfing carriages, give customers the ability to scarf very flexibly and thereby save operating material (gas, oxygen).

The scarfing process starts, for example, when a slab is transported by a roller table in scarfing direction to the scarfing machine. The slab stops at the scarfing heads and the preheating of the surface starts. When the scarfing temperature is reached, the scarfing oxygen opens and simultaneously the roller table accelerates the slab to scarfing speed. Water cannons flush the ablated material from the slab. As soon as the upper and one lateral side are scarfed, the slab is transported to the slab-turning device and back to the scarfing machine, in order to scarf the other two sides.

Strip (Band) Scarfing Machine:

In many cases, it is not necessary to scarf the whole surface, but individual areas which suffer problems caused by the casting process (for example the border area). For this application, GEGA offers a simplified version of a semi-automatic scarfing machine, which is matched exactly to the customer requirements.

  • Fixed Strip (Band) Scarfing Machine – Machines that scarf a continuous strip or band over the problem area.
  • Selective Strip (Band) Scarfing Machine – Machines that scarf a continuous strip or band over the problem area, while the position of the burner is variable.
  • Corner Scarfing Machine – Machines that scarf the edges and corners of the material where many quality problems usually occur.
  • Billet or Bloom Scarfing Machine – Purpose-built for one application: spot scarfing, strip (band) scarfing or full surface scarfing of billets or blooms.

Your advantages:

  • High output, short cycle times
  • High quality of the scarfed surface by means of the specially designed GEGA scarfing heads
  • High quality standard – Design according to current safety standards and high quality execution
  • Tailor made solutions – Wide selection of models, customised according to the customer requirements
  • Efficient design – Development focused on economic solutions with high performance level
  • Excellent customer service – Comprehensive product support and services for customers


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Daniel Werner

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