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BPL - Billet Pendulum-cutting Machine-Light

GEGA strand torch cutting machines for billets convince with high cutting quality results as well as a solid and reliable design. The BPL type operates with a pendulum cutting torche and is suitable for smaller sections (also rounds and beam blanks).

The torch cutting machine is clamped to the strand thus driving synchronously with the strand in casting direction. During the movement, the cross-cutting of billets is carried out by pendulum torches. After completion of the cutting process, the clamping is detached and the machine is driven by a motor contrary to the casting direction back into start position. The cutting cycle starts again after receiving the signal for the next cycle. The clamping system for synchronous movement with the strand consists of two water-cooled clamping arms and a pneumatic cylinder. The granulation is carried out by granulation nozzles, which are arranged on one side of the machine.
GEGA‘s BPL machines consist mainly of a water-cooled machine body protected against the radiant heat of the strand, a maintenance lid, a clamping system, the inner components, two guide wheels, travelling wheels and a cable tray. All components such as bearings, drives, valves, cylinders etc. are inside the water-cooled housing and have an optimal protection against radiant heat.

Your advantages:

  • Simplified machine design with pendulum drive
  • High efficient water cooling (machine frame) protects all internal components
  • High operational availability, less maintenance
  • Customized for special requirements
  • Highest quality standard (ISO, CE)
  • Long lifetime
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • High safety standards (according to EN14753)


Contact person

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner

Head of Sales AMT Germany (GEGA, AMAKON) Require information