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SVM – Slab Vertical type Maschine

GEGA strand torch cutting machines convince with high cutting quality results as well as a solid and reliable design. The SVM type is specially designed for cross-cutting of slabs and blooms in vertical continuous casting plants to accomplish their task in an unusually rough and tight environment. 

The torch cutting machine consists of a horizontal machine carriage moving vertically between two columns and synchronizing the movement with the strand by pneumatically actuated clamping arms. Two independent torch carriages travel on rails, which are mounted at the bottom and front side of the machine. During the vertical movement, the cross-cutting of the slabs or blooms is carried out by heavy-duty cutting torches. After cross-cutting, the clamping is detached and the machine is driven back into start position. The cutting cycle starts again after receiving of the signal for the next cycle.

The SVM torch cutting machine is designed with a high efficiency water cooling equipment allowing the standard operation of the machine for slab temperature up to 1100°C.

Your advantages:

  • Unique system, proven over years
  • Small and simplified design, which meets the requirements of less space in a vertical caster
  • Designed for the rough environment in a vertical casting plant
  • Highest quality standard (ISO, CE)
  • Long lifetime
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • High safety standards (EN 14753)




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Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner

Head of Sales AMT Germany (GEGA, AMAKON) Require information