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SSC -Slab Swivel type Counterweight Machine (automatic emergency release)

GEGA strand torch cutting machines for slabs convince with high cutting quality results as well as a solid and reliable design. The SSC type is mainly used for simple casted products with nearly only one thickness in continuous casting plants. In case of a change in slab thickness the torch height has to be adjusted either manually or with an additional motorized height adjustment unit. 

The torch cutting machine is lowered to the strand by a pneumatic cylinder providing a single and simple movement by pushing down the synchronisation skid against the slab. In case of emergency or the machine is not in operation, the skid is back in top position thanks to the rear protection plate used as counterweight. After synchronisation the machine is driving synchronously with the strand. During this movement, the cross-cutting is carried out by heavy-duty cutting torches. After cross-cutting, the machine is lifted and travelled back against the casting direction to its home position. After receiving the signal from the length measuring, the next cutting cycle starts.

The SSC torch cutting machine is designed with a high efficiency water cooling equipment allowing the standard operation of the machine for Slab temperature up to 1100°C.

Your advantages:

  • Simplified mechanical design
  • Synchronisation movement by pneumatic clamping combined with automatic emergency release
  • Optional height adjustment allows to use this machine with different thickness ranges
  • Highest quality standard (ISO, CE)
  • Long lifetime
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • High safety standards (EN 14753)




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Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner

Head of Sales AMT Germany (GEGA, AMAKON) Require information