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AMT Germany wins order to supply a slab torch cutting machine to Australia


Additionally to our recently supplied and commissioned torch cutting machines at the biggest Australian steel manufacture, AMT Germany is now supplying another machine „down-under“.

The slab cutting machine is a so called SVE type with an electrical controlled clamping. The torch cutting machine is able to cut single as well as twin slabs. The complete torch beam will be lowered, which guarantees the same nozzle distance to the material independent from different slab thicknesses without needing an additional torch height adjustment. In addition, this SVE type machine features multiple add-ons like our multistage system which helps reducing the media consumption tremendously by lowering the heating oxygen and gas during the cutting process, edge detection with laser, operation of the TCM from several different position and more.

Currently, the machine is being installed in our workshop in Bonefeld/Germany and will start its long journey down to Australia end of the first quarter 2020.