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Optimized CAM220 DMC reading system


CAM220 - DMC reading system NUMTEC
CAM220 - Data Matrix Code Reader Alpine Metal Tech | Automotive | NUMTEC

Readability of data matrix codes on aluminum wheels at the next level of development

The NUMTEC CAM220 camera system enables the traceability of all manufacturing steps carried out in the production process. With the optimization of the CAM220, the reading of Data Matrix Codes on aluminum wheels has reached the next stage of development. The raised camera resolution, the lighting specially adapted for production environments and the improved image-processing algorithm guarantee an excellent reading rate and therefore ensure complete part recognition in the production process.

Depending on the exertion, the reading unit can be equipped with one or two cameras and, with the extended configuration variant, covers an area of up to 350 mm. The CAM220 is equipped with additional features such as database connection and automatic intermediate buffering in the event of a network outage, making it ideally suited for realizing a highly available and future-proof solution.

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