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The brand NUMTEC stands for customer-specific solution in the metal and aluminium wheel industry. 

NUMTEC machines ensure reliable deburring, marking and reading of semi-finished steel products as well as a smooth casting on the continuous casting platform. In the field of automation during manufacture of aluminium wheels, NUMTEC offers various special applications for the handling, coding, measuring and testing of aluminium wheels. The top quality equipment optimizes the aluminium wheel manufacturing process and creates the conditions for stable and efficient production with the lowest reject rates and highest product quality in the industry. 

Overview Business Areas

Products Steel

  • Powder Feeder (PF)
  • Shroud Manipulator (SM)
  • Deburrer (DB)
  • Hot Spray Marking Machine (HS)
  • Metal Powder Marking Machine (MP)
  • Revolving Head Stamping Machine (RH)
  • Reading and Tracking (RT)
  • Single Nozzle Marking Machine (SN)
  • CCM Package

Products Automotive

  • Barcode System (BC)
  • Needle Marking (MARK 100)
  • Laser Marking (MARK 400)
  • Inline Wheel Deflashing (REF 300)
  • Flexible Laser Measurement (MD 30)
  • Inline Distortion and Roundness Measurement (MD 120)
  • Inline Distortion Measurement (MD 140)
  • Diamond Cutting Measurement (MD 200)
  • Valve Hole Recognition/Wheel Positioning (CAM 100 / CAM 120)
  • Modular Inline Testing (MD 860)
  • Design Recognition (MD 825)
  • Wheel Rotation and Positioning (RP 110 / RP 120 / RP 130 / RP 140)
  • DMC Reading System (CAM 200)
  • Distortion Measurement and Wheel Positioning (MD 300 / MD 320 / MD 321 / MD 322)
  • Robot Cell Automation (Machining Cells, Diamond Cutting Cells, General Wheel Handling)

Life Cycle Business

  • Spare Parts
  • Wear Parts
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Revamps and Modernization