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GEGA is well known as world market leader for autogenous torch cutting and scarfing technology in the steel industry since more than 50 years. 

A broad range of custom-made solutions are available for different applications. Including torch cutting machines for continuous casting, inline/offline subdividing machines, scrap cutting machines and last but not least our mobile torch cutting machines. All steel grades and formats available today can be cut into the required piece length and weights. Also in the field of scarfing, GEGA provides several solutions, which fit 100% to the customer’s needs and guarantees a perfect quality of the finish product surface. 

But in order to achieve the best possible efficiency in regard to the torch cutting, a highly developed media technology for gas and oxygen is necessary. The combination of media regulators, torches and nozzles have to fit together to an optimal level. This is also an area where GEGA is setting the high benchmark. Especially with the continuous development of our cutting nozzles and scarfing burners GEGA is able to increase customer benefits. The reliable and application orientated GEGA machines cope also with extremely high casting speed in modern multi-strand casting facilities and ensure an efficient process in terms of media consumption, narrow cutting kerfs followed by perfect cutting/scarfing surfaces.

GEGA commits also to service our customers during the whole lifecycle of the machines. GEGA provides technical support, high quality original spare parts and components but also on-site maintenance and revamping/modernization of our equipment. 

GEGA is a long term partner not only a supplier.

Overview Business Areas


  • SVE - Strand Torch Cutting Machine/Flat products
  • SSC - Strand Torch Cutting Machine/Flat products (with emergency release)
  • SVM – Vertical Stand Torch Cutting Machine/Flat products
  • PMB – Secondary Torch Cutting Machine/Flat products
  • BLM – Strand Torch Cutting Machine/Long products (Blooms) 
  • BPL – Strand Torch Cutting Machine/Long products (Billets)
  • Offline Torch Cutting Machines (Slitting/Subdividing/Scrap cutting)
  • 2-Sided and Strip (Band) Scarfing Machine
  • Scarfing Manipulator
  • Hand Scarfer
  • Mobile Cutting Tractor CORTI
  • Hand (Emergency) Cutting Torches
  • GEGA Media Regulators, Valves, Safety Equipment, Hoses Gas/Oxygen
  • GEGA High Speed Cutting Torches and Nozzles 

Life Cycle Business

  • Spare Parts
       Valves / Regulators
       Safety Equipment
       Scarfing Heads
       Hoses for Gas and Oxygen
       Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • Wear Parts
       Cutting Nozzles
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Revamps & Modernization